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Life is art. It's all around you. So embrace it.


Old ass pic but my blog wild dry.

Anonymous said: LMFAOOOOO😘

You’re cool Ms. Anon. I appreciate your kind responses. 🙏

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Anonymous said: I am a girl btw and no I'm not trying to be funny lol don't buy another laptop you'll regret it trust me I mean you just need to update your laptop often and it will works lol

Girl, boy, everybody is a nigga to me. My laptop updates weekly on it’s own. Is there something more that I should do or is that enough? Am I just S.O.L.? I can’t even watch 1440p videos. The best I can do is 1080p.

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Anonymous said: Something other than "Fios" lol

Good shit anon. Are you smart or just funny? I want recommendations my nigga.

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